Nutspread Cashew butter with coffee and walnuts


Cashew butter with coffee and walnuts?! Many of you swear that she has not tasted anything better in life 🙂 The Nutspread gift for Children’s Day 2015 was really successful – this unique and imaginative taste combination creates a cream from which it is impossible to break away. Have you tried it yet? Soft thanks to cashew butter, crunchy thanks to walnuts – this hazelnut spread is so good that it’s a shame to lubricate it at all 🙂

Weight: 250g



Ingredients Cashew nuts 70%, walnuts 27%, coffee 3%
Country of origin Vietnam, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Colombia

Nutritional values in 100 g of product

Energy value 2327 KJ/533 KCAL
Vitamins and minerals -% of the recommended daily allowance Sodium – 0% Iron – 37% Magnesium – 73% Zinc – 39% Selenium 28%
Proteins 18 g
Carbohydrates 27 g, of which sugars 3 g
Fats 48 g, of which saturated 5 g