Nutspread almond cream crunchy


Tired of classic almond butter? Nutspread Crunchy Almond Cream with delicious roasted almonds is something completely unique!

Although it preserves their softness and unobtrusive taste, in the form of this crispy almond spread, their taste is more spicy, more expressive and, in short, more interesting. The captivating and velvety flavors of almond paste with pieces simply cannot be lost – whether you use it instead of butter for pastries or as a cream or cake filling, after the first bite you will agree that “something is on those almonds”!

Weight: 250g



Ingredients 100% almonds, dry roasted + pieces of almonds inside
Country of origin USA

Nutritional values in 100 g of product

Energy value 2440 KJ/581 KCAL
Vitamins and minerals -% of the recommended daily allowance Calcium – 22% Phosphorus – 48% Iron – 21% Zinc – 21% Magnesium – 69% Copper – 86% Vitamin E – 126% Vitamin B2 – 33%
Proteins 25 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
Fats 51 g, of which saturated 4 g