Mango slices natural


Mango was grown about four thousand years ago in today’s India and the Philippines. From there, it gradually migrated to other parts of the world. The high content of vitamin A together with the content of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C significantly helps with visual fatigue or night blindness and at the same time protects our skin and hair from UV radiation. Mango acts as a preventive against infections, colds, further calms the nerves and provides strength in stressful situations.


Ingredients: mango slices 100%
Storage: store in a dry place at a temperature of not more than 22 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 70%.
Nutritional values:

Nutriční hodnoty na 100 g:
Energetická hodnota 1507 kJ/360 kcal
Bílkoviny 1 g
Tuky 0 g
Nasycené mastné kyseliny 0 g
Sacharidy 89 g
Z toho cukry 42 g
Vláknina 2 g
Sůl 0 g