About us

Lancer International sro, we are a family and friendly company. Our main goal is to offer you healthy products with Top quality. We are in contact with nutritional consultants, doctors, and healthy nutrition experts. We believe that quality is the only way to reach perfection.

We are a company that carefully safeguards the products of nature and all we do in full responsibility, honesty and love.

The value of our products is appreciated and well recognized by all our clients, because our products have been selected with a long study and with high accuracy from Top Czech and European manufactures in order to fit the ability to preserve the naturalness and authenticity of flavors to the maximum.

In addition to product quality, the company pays great attention to its own consumers, their food habits and their demands that constantly develop both for health and cultural requirements.

Also our philosophy has always led us to keep on looking for the right balance between top quality products at reasonable prices.

Thank you for your continued support and trust and let’s remember Mahatma Gandhi when he said;

” The diet should consist of nothing but sun-baked fruit and nuts. It will be able to ensure sufficient nourishment for both the tissues and the nerves from certain types of fruit, such as grapes, walnuts or almonds … “

Wishing you a nice trip in our website